For Teens

The purpose of meeting with a therapist is to get help with problems in your life that are bothering you or that are keeping you from being successful in important areas of your life. You may be here because you wanted to talk to therapist about these problems. Or, you may be here because your parent, guardian, doctor or teacher had concerns about you. When we meet, we will discuss what brought you to therapy, and what is important for you to get out of our time together. I am hear to listen to you, to ask questions and provide support, feedback and guidance. I place a very high value on our therapeutic relationship, and the comfort level that you have with me. It is important that you feel safe in talking about the issues that are bothering you. Sometimes these issues may include things that you don’t want your parents to know about. For most teens, knowing that what they discuss in therapy will be kept private helps them feel comfortable and form trust with their therapist.